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Our Sales Gallery

 Personally Selected Aboriginal Art

  Where Art is a Window Into Their Aboriginal Culture.

Aboriginal Art is the expression of a pictorial language of the history and culture of the Aboriginal people that is thousands of years old. See why Australian Aboriginal Art is the newest, yet oldest art form available today.

Learn why their paintings are so important to their history and culture.Our personal and intimate knowledge of most of our more than 90 artists and their families has been gained over 25 years. Working in the many communities (more than sixty-five), we were privileged to see many styles of art both in content and quality whilst working in Aboriginal Communities as Registered Nurses and directly with Aboriginal people.

When it is known that you like the art, all the artists want to show you their artwork. We did not bargain for art work but paid what the artist was asking if we felt the work was good enough. Most of our artists have access to the internet and know exactly what we are offering their work for and are pleased that we are able to support them and appreciate their work. Some presented to us did not belonged to the seller or were not finished so we could not purchase them..

Over the years we have looked at thousands of paintings and selected only the best from the rest to add to our inventory. We endeavored to select only those works that showed the skill and care the artist took in telling their story.

As a result most of our inventory is of investment quality and includes many spectacular examples of their Cultural Art. This experience and having several galleries for 20 years has taught us to know when a painting is ok, good, or great! Many of the artists we purchased from in the communities continue to seek us out as they know we appreciate their work and value it. So, come in and see what it is all about and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we do. We developed this site to share our insights with you so you too can enjoy great art and cultural treasure as our customers and friends. We have hundreds of treasures so take your time and enjoy.

As an important footnote: All images of Aboriginal Art are Copyright and may not be copied or reproduced without written consent of the artists.

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