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What is meant by Aboriginal Fine Art ? 

Aboriginal Fine Art, Australian Fine Art, and Australian Cultural Masterpieces are all one in the same.

Fine art is of the best which can be produced at a given time.

When we use this term to describe Australian Aboriginal Art we use it to describe well done Cultural masterpieces.

 These are stories of a culture that has no written language and yet through paintings, songs, dances and stories the history continues to the next generation.

These are produced often over several months and may because of the living and working conditions have dog footprints, splatters of food and usually some human hair (Aboriginal DNA), embedded in the intricate series of patterns and colors.

These paintings reverberate from the singing which is part of the painting story.

They force the eye to wonder all over them as we try to seek the meaning from the artists’ careful use of color and pattern Placement.

The cultural story depicted in the painting is usually one that the artist has done several times before.

This is because the artist is entrusted with special knowledge that he/she has an obligation and responsibility to share.

This comes at birth, is part of their country, it is part of their heritage it is their culture.

The look of pride on the artists face at showing you his/her latest masterpiece is unforgettable.

The sense of value that is placed on the work by the artist and then the consumer gives them great pride and makes them feel valued and respected.

It also provides another good source of money to the family group.

When you own one you know exactly what  I mean.

They are truly wonderful.

The will give warmth to a room and uplift your spirit each time you look at them.

Aboriginal Fine Art is something special.

It is more than a painting!


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