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Nanyuma Napangarti 

Skin Name:Napangarti


Region:Kintore, Western Desert

Dreaming:Women's Stories


Nanyuma grew up in the bush and walked into Papunya with her family group in 1964,after contact had been made with one of the last government Welfare Branch patrols. She is the sister of Kanya Tjapangati and Charlie Tjapangati.

Nanyuma's country is in Pintupi land across the Western Australia border,west of Jupiter Well in the Gibson Desert.

Nanyuma's work depicts her Dreaming country in the form of symbols, which represents women and their activities and the area in which she grew up .Her painting career runs parallel to the other senior women of Kiwirrkura and Kintore.

Nanyuma Napangarti was involved with the 1999 Kiwirrkura Women’s painting, which is featured in the Genesis and Genius-Papunya Tula beautiful illustrated book. The artwork project was auctioned to help raise funds for the renal unit at Kintore in the western desert