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    Traditional Aboriginal Art Jobs in Australia

    What does culture have to do with traditional aboriginal art?

    The goanna, (perente) Lizard

    The Goanna Lizard also known as the Monitor or Perente is the largest lizard native to Australia. it is found in the arid areas of the country.

    Didgeridoos are one of the oldest musical instruments known to man.

    How didgeridoos are made, decorated and played.

    The Australian Boomerang.

    The Australian Boomerang likely came with the first arrivals to Australia.

    Australian Aboriginal stencil art.What is stencil art and how is it done in Australia?

    Australian Aboriginal Cave Art

    Cave Art is one of the early forms of rock art.

    Seven Sisters, a dreaming story.

    Seven Sisters is a group of stars we call Pleiades visible in the night sky in both the Southern and Northern Hemispheres but to the Australian Aboriginal people they are part of their dreaming.

    Jobs in Australia

    Information on Jobs in the North of Australia

    Aboriginals in Prisons

    An inside view of Aboriginals in Prisons.

    What is Rarrk?

    Rarrk or cross hatching is a style of painting which is from a particular area of the Northern Territory.

    Aboriginal suicide is of the highest rates in the world, why?

    A look at Aboriginal Suicide and some of its major causes.

    Aboriginal Music

    Traditional Aboriginal Music is an important part of ceremonial and cultural life.

    Bush Tucker

    Bush tucker is food that is native to Australia and is collected and eaten by the Australian Aborigines and now bush walkers.

    The Platypus is a mammal found in Eastern Australia and Tasmania.

    Aboriginal Rock Art or Intaligos.

    Rock Art or Intaglios are likely the oldest of all Aboriginal Art forms.

    What is Aboriginal Fine Art?

    Aboriginal fine art is a carefully done cultural masterpiece.

    The Cockatoo

    The white cockatoo would be the bird most Australians identify.

    Bush Medicine Leaves

    The collecting of bush medicine leaves has long been a part of traditional Aboriginal life.

    What is Ochre?

    Ochre is a naturally occuring colored clay found in many places of the world.

    Honey Ants

    The Honey Ants are found in the Western Desert of Australia.

    What are Aboriginal Ceremonies about?

    Aboriginal Ceremonies are performed for many reasons.

    The Kangaroo

    The kangaroo is the most recognizable symbol of Australia.

    The Australian Aboriginal Flag

    See why the Aboriginal Flag was needed to represent a dying culture.

    What is Aboriginal dot painting?

    Where does aboriginal dot painting come from and why do they use dots?

    Fire Dreaming

    The Fire Dreaming ceremony is one of the six seasonal cycles of the Traditional Aboriginal Calendar.

    Tourism in the Alice Region

    Tourism in the Alice Springs area of the Northern Territory .

    The Rainbow Serpent Story

    This story of the Rainbow Serpent is by a member of the Lardil tribe of Mornington Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria off the North Coast of Australia.

    The Northern Territory

    The Northern Territory, Australia's last frontier.

    Australian Aboriginal Art

    Australian Aboriginal Art is a depiction of the life, culture and dreamings of Aboriginal people.

    About Australia.

    Australia is the largest island content in the world with 25,760 Km, or a little longer than 16,000 miles, of coastline.

    Aboriginal Education in the remote setting.

    Aboriginal Education is very difficult because some of the Aboriginal people do not see the importance of western style education for their young children.