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About Australia

Australia is the largest island continent in the world with 25,760 Km or a little longer than 16,000 miles, of coastline. See map!

It has a short European History but has a long Aboriginal history.

It has the largest living coral reef in the world running along the Eastern Queensland coast called the Great Barrier Reef.

If you are interested in exploring the top of Queensland's Cape York I would recommend you look at Lalura's Quinkan Aboriginal art site on Cape York.

While in North Queensland have a look as well at what about Cairns.

Darwin is the most northern major city.

Ayers Rock or Uluru is close to the centre of the continent.

Papunya lies about 400 km northeast of Uluru and is where the Aboriginal Art movement of today begun in 1970.

The Tiwi islands lay North of Darwin off the coast about 60 km.

Arnhem Land lies in the North of the Northern Territory just below Darwin and to the East.

The climate is very diverse from tropical in the North to temperate in the South with snow in the higher altitudes in winter.

Another site to look at in the real South of Australia off the coast of Victoria is Phillip Island.

Its people are made up of about three percent indigenous Aboriginal people. 87 percent immigrants from what are now the European Union and a further ten percent of Asian descent.The common language is English and it is considered a Christian country but supports religious freedom to follow whatever religious affiliation you may choose.

Health care is provided by the Federal Government and paid for by a tax on income paid.

Education is free and is of a very high standard.

The national government is democratic with two major political parties the Liberals and Labour.

Eighty percent of the population lives primarily between the hill ridge behind the coast and the coast starting at Brisbane in southern Queensland all the way South to Melbourne in Victoria.

Individual home ownership is more common than in other English speaking countries.Road systems are very good with major roads between all major cities.

Driving however follows the English system and drivers are on the right side of their cars and keep to the left.

The capitol is Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, or ACT for short.

Although it is considered very dry, with eighty percent of it is considered arid, agriculture still exists with varying degrees of success dependent on the seasons. It is a major exporter of foods and a world leader in mineral resources and their exports.

For a great resource on Australia's money history see this link as it is worthwhile.

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