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Peggy Anderson 

Skin name:Nampitjinpa

Language:Warlpiri, Luritja

Born :19/10/1955

Area: Mt Liebig - WatiyawanuCommunity:Haasts Bluff : Northern Territory 

Sandra was born in 1955 and is the younger sister of Jeannie Wareenie Ross, who is also painting with Ikuntji Artists. They have different mothers but the same father. 

Sandra started painting in the 1980s at Papunya through Papunya Tula Artists. She moved to Mount Liebig and still kept painting there. In 2018, Sandra moved to Haasts Bluff and began painting with Ikuntji Artists. 

Her paintings are about her country, Watiyawanu – Mount Liebig. The two creeks at Mount Liebig feature in her work.