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Maureen Nampitjinpa Hudson

Maureen Nampitjinpa Hudson was born in 1952 in the bush at Mt. Allan cattle station near Yuendumu in the Northern Territory of Australia.

She went to school at Yuendumu settlement in the sixties and later returned to Mt. Allan and worked as a teaching assistant for three years.

She has four children.

Maureen is an accomplished artist and has been painting as a career since 1981, and is fully aware of the history and background of the modern acrylic movement.

Maureen Nampitjinpa Hudson paintings or Dreamings originate from Warlukalongu, her father and grandfather’s country and involve Emu and Fire from her fathers side and Women’s Ceremony from her mothers’ side.

The Fire Dreaming Story

Of the six seasonal cycles of the Traditional Aboriginal Calender this ceremony depicts an element of the Tingari Cycle.

The custodians of this cycle are the Tjangala and Tjampitjinpa skin groups.

The Tjampitjinpa holds the responsibility for body painting and of the ceremony being conducted correctly, as the guardians.

The “Fire dreaming” ceremony takes place the night before the controlled fires are lit in the bush and carries on throughout the night to provide the right relationship between the people and the land on which they depend.

The Women’s Ceremony, Awelye

Women’s business and body painting shows respect for country recalls ancestors and the responsibility for well being of the community.

The ceremonies are not done in the presence of men.

The women paint their ceremony stories on their bodies using ochre, ash and charcoal. 

Maureen paints in a strong and innovative style, and is equally at ease working with other artists on collaborative pieces.

Her joint piece “Seven Sisters Dreaming” with Alice Springs artist Maggie Urban was exhibited and toured with the “Commitments” Exhibition in 1993 through the Institute of Modern Art,Brisbane.

She is artist-in-residence at the Mulgara Gallery, Yulara (Ayers Rock, NT) and has exhibited at the Desert Art Gallery Melbourne and Sydney.

In 1990 Maureen travelled to Vanuatu for the Art Dock show, the first international art exhibition to be held in Vanuatu.

Maureen’s designs have recently been created in a range of carpets, which depict her strong sense of colour choice and meticulous design work.

Her works hang in many national and international collections, and her works are sought after by art collectors from around the world