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Rosie Patterson Napangarti  

Artist: Rosie Patterson Napangarti

Language Group: Anmatyerre

Area: Yuelamu - Mount Allan 

Country of Story: Wailalimba

Date of Birth: 1950

Dreaming: Yuelamu, kangaroo, witchetty

Rosie's work depicts the country and the activity of collecting bush potato.

The country is called Wailalimba, to the west of Yuendumu, where a flat, lightly foliaged terrain contains the tell tale tops of the bush potato plant. Women dig for the tuber at these places, and emerge with the bush potatoes, similar in size and appearance to the sweet potato. These are taken back to camp, and cooked in the coals.

The painting is an aerial view of this country, and women, with their digging sticks, and coolamons (food bowls) are shown digging, talking, and sharing the food together