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Brenda Lynch Nungurrayi

Region/Area: Yuelamu (Mt Allan) Desert Bore Northern Territory Australia 


Brenda Lynch Nungurrayi was born 28 June 1964 at Amnoogara Settlement near Alice Springs.

An Anmatyerre Speaker, Brenda’s traditional country is around Coniston Station and Napperby Station.

Brenda lives near a community known as Yuelamu a settlement of around 250 people around 250 Klms north west of Alice Springs.

The major regional centre of the Western Desert.

Yuelamu was also known as Mount Allen and is on a large cattle station of the same name.

Yuelamu is around 100 kilometers from Papuya. A community at which the Western Desert art movement was begun in the early 1970s, by Geoffery Barden a teacher at the school there.

He encouraged the elders there to paint their dreamings originally on boards and lino tiles and later on canvas.

Barden arranged the sale of these works in Alice Springs.

From these beginnings the market for the art became so large that the artists formed Punya Tula association to market their art.

This marketing arm of Papunya Tula is still the major marketer of the local artists of Papunya.

Some of the artists who moved between Papunya and Yuelamu bought their artistic knowledge and skills with them .

Brenda was taught the basic's of painting by Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri.

One of the most noted artists of the Western Desert during a series of workshops he held during the early 1980's.

Her painting style has been influenced by Clifford Possum and Brenda has gone on to develop her own unique style and is widely collected.

Brenda likes to paint with bright colours, a break from the traditional earth tones.

Brenda Lynch Nungurrayi is one of the most prolific and better-known artists of the Yuelamu Region.

Her work has been exhibited in most National Capitals, the UK and USA.

With husband Michael Ross, Brenda lives at Pulardi (Desert Bore).

Her Dreamings include Bush TuckerWater Python, Witchetty Grub, Kangaroo, Women and Yam Dreamings.