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Jobs in Australia

The top of Australia is warm to hot and choc full of jobs.

Unlike the South of Australia, which has undergone some decline, in house prices and employment opportunities, the North and West are powering forward.

China and most of Asia is facing massive growth and Australia has what most of this area wants; minerals, gas and food.

It is also a democracy and the language is English. Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory offer so many opportunities for people willing to have a go.

I came to the Northern Territory in 1990 and it has been very good to me and particularly my family.

Our children now adults have had opportunities in education and business they never would have had in America and are all doing very well.

Unlike the US and Europe, the North of Australia is booming.

Housing is expensive, rents are expensive but wages are above average.

If you are prepared to work remote in mining at the moment there are about 20,000 unfilled positions waiting and the average pay is over Aus $100,000 per year.

If you have had experience in mining there are special immigration rules to allow you to come and work.

Construction also falls into this class, as do positions for Registered Nurses and Doctors. The impact of COVID 19 has also opened many opportunities particularly in hospitality for chefs and wait staff . Skilled migration is encouraged 

The Internet is also a great start to find a opportunity.

Most of the mining positions are offered by recruitment agencies.

Go to Google, type in the type of position you might like, example; mining WA, Qld, NT and you will have more positions than you could apply for full time in a week.

Maps are also available on Google to help you see where the opportunities are.

Be sure to also go to the Australian Government site and have a look at immigration rules to make sure you are able to come legally.

The government both state and federal also has hundreds of positions, which you can also Google by looking up the various states and then jobs.

I think that the US and European employment market and home market are going to be struggling for some time and Australia offers the best opportunities in the free world.