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Our Sales Gallery

A selection of larger Australian Aboriginal Art

Australian Aboriginal Art is a visual depiction of the life, culture and dreamings of Aboriginal people.


above a closeup


above a closeup

A Stunning painting for a large room by Mary Dixon Nungarray. It is 126 x 194 cm or 49 x 63.75 inches. The paintings title is "Seven Sisters Dreaming" and is yours for $15,500.00 Acrylic on Belgian Line

The artist shows his love for the subject, taking about 10 months to paint this beauty. It is by Rey DelRosario and is 124 CM 162 CM or 49 x 63.75 inches and is titled Billabong Dreaming. This is another painting that took the artist many months to paint. Notice the Rarrk work on the body of the sea life. (Very fine cross hatching) A fine addition to any room. Only $20,500.00 Acrylic on Belgian Linen


close up below


close up below

This is a lovely painting titled the "Struggle of Youth" which is about how difficult it is to survive when you are young on the beach with only instinct to give you direction to the water. This trip is so difficult because of birds and other predators that only a few survive. It was painted by Sharon Dodd to be judged for the Telstra Indigenous Art Awards but was finished too late to be entered. We love it anyway. It is 115 x 154 CM or 45 x 60 inches and is $7,600.00 Acrylic on Belgian Linen.

This is a very large painting good for a large room or an office board room etc. It is 127 x 254 CM or 50 x 100 inches. The painting by Michael Tommy is titled "Parente Dreaming" shows the adult parente looking after their nests. The Parente is a very large lizard common to the desert areas of Australia.

Only $18,500.00  Acrylic on Belgian Linen


Close up below


Close up below

This is a lovely bright painting ideally suited to a family room or kitchen area.  It is titled "Bush Bananas"  It is one of the rare double dot paintings, where a dot is placed over another dot.  It is 124 x 131 CM or 48 x 51 inches.  Acrylic on Belgian Linen.   By Dulcie Williams.  $9,800.00

This painting " Fire Dreaming" shows the distortion you might see looking through the flames of a fire. Fire management is a part of Australian Aboriginal Culture and is a part of their lives every year. The size of the painting is 128 x 169 CM or 50 x 66 inches acrylic on Belgian Linen. This is a well know maticlouis artist Maureen Nampajinpa Hudson.  $11,900.00

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