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Our Sales Gallery

A selection of larger Australian Aboriginal Art

Australian Aboriginal Art is a visual depiction of the life, culture and dreamings of Aboriginal people.



A Stunning painting for a large room.  This painting by Michael Nelson Jagamara shows the influence of color in following Ken Done.  "Titled Water Soakage" it is 94 x 133 cm or 37 x 52 inches of acrylic on Belgian Linen. Only $6,500.00

This painting by Michael Tommy is titled "Parente Dreaming". it is acrylic on Belgian Linen and is 100 x 175 cm or 39 x 69 inches.  $8,900.00



This is a stunning painting about love titled "Love Snakes" It is by Michael Tommy of the central desert area. It shows how together they will look after their progeny. It is 118 x 165 cm or 46.5 x 65 inches painted in acrylic on Belgian Linen. Only $14,000.00

This is another large painting good for a large room or an office board room etc. It is 117x 167CM or 45.5 x 65 inches. It can be hung horizontal or vertical. The painting by Michael Tommy is titled "Honey Ant Dreaming. The honey ant is an ant with a large abdomen almost translucent, which contains the honey.

Acrylic on Belgian Linen. Only $8,500.00



This is a lovely bright and busy painting depicting the local bush foods of Yuelamu in the central desert of the Northern Territory and not suprisingly called "Yuelamu Bush Foods". The artist is Lucy Dixon Napurrurla. It is 123 x 187 cm or 41 x 73 inches. Only $6,500.00

This painting "Emu Dreaming" by Jack Cook was painting using a matchstick to create his dots. It is incredibly fine work and on the reverse, you can see that he painted it in strips of about 2 inches at a time. At the time Jack painted this he was our oldest artist and he thought he was about 80 but did not have a birthday on record. It is 99 x150 cm or 39 x 59 inches.  A bargain at $10,500.00