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Australian Aboriginal Art...

Australian Aboriginal Art is a visual depiction of the life, culture and dreaming of Aboriginal people.


This painting my Colin (Chris) Liddy is an interesting painting because Chris has mixed his traditional style with a more modern style in the same painting. Titled "Turtle Gods Dreaming"   It is 91 x 127 cm or 35.5 x 50 inches and is acrylic on linen.


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A bright and colorful painting by Daisy Pultara titled "Women Dreaming about Food." It is 119 x 121 cm or 47.5 x 47 inches. Great for a kitchen or family room. Acrylic on linen.


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A painting by Lindy Gibson titled "Womens' Meeting". It is 82 x 127 cm or 32 x 50 inches painted in acrylic on linen. A well done painting suitable for any room.  $2,600.00

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This painting by Peggy Anderson Napuirula titled "Honey Dreaming" is 97 x 124 cm or 38 x 49 inches.  It is acrylic on linen.  It is a great, bright and happy painting to lift the mood of any room.  $3,700.00

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This special painting is by a couple.  He is James Gaykamangu from Arnhem Land and his wife Peggy Anderson Napuirula  is from the central desert.  In over a 1,000 paintings we have purchased it is the only one displaying both cultural styles of artwork in the same painting.  It is 117 x 123 cm or 46 x 48 inches.  Painted with acrylic on linen.   Titled "Long Neck Turtle and Rainbow Serpent".  $6,800.00

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This is another large warm painting by Peggy Anderson Napuirula titled "Traveling Snakes".  It is 97 x 122 cm or 38 x 48 inches and is painted in acrylic on linen.   $3,700.00

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