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Australian Aboriginal Art...

Australian Aboriginal Art is a visual depiction of the life, culture and dreaming of Aboriginal people.


This is a sacred painting called "Love Story" for reasons that will become obvious to you as you read this. Four men have joined a group of women and they are excited to be with them. Painted by Cassady Tjapaltjarri brother to Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri in acrylic on linen. Size is 88 x 128 cm or 34 x 50 inches and only $4,800.00

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This is another painting by Cassady Tjapaltjarri brother to Clifford Possum titled "Mens Ceremony". This ceremony is very important by the number of circles in the center. Women are forbidden from any area that is having a Mens Ceremony. Size 87 x 127 cm x 34 x 50 inches. Acrylic on Linen. $3,700.00

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A special painting by Roslyn Nakamara Quinn titled "Collecting Bush Foods"  It would add that something special to a kitchen or family room area.  The size is 91 x 120 cm or 35 x 47 inches.  Only $5,300.00

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This is one of my favorites. It is by Maureen Nampajinpa Hudson and is titled "My Country". When you look at this you can see the blood in her eyes from looking into the blowing sand from the dunes. Having been there and experienced this it is special. Acrylic on Linen and 62 x 125 cm or 24 x 49 inches.  Only $2,800.00

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William Sandy has painted this and titled it "Dingo Dreaming".  It is 37 x 125 cm or 14.5 x 49 inches.  Painted in acrylic on Linen.  The Dingo is the wild dog native to Australia.  The painting suggest endless wondering.  Only $2,100.00

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This is a bright happy painting titled "Ceremony Painting" by Leslie Daniels Jampijimpa in acrylic on linen. It is 62 x 177 cm or 24 x 69 inches.  Only $4,600.00

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