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Australian Aboriginal Art...

Australian Aboriginal Art is a visual depiction of the life, culture and dreaming of Aboriginal people.


This is a painting by Michael Tommy and this is one of his totems called "Parente Dreaming"  The parente is a large lizard that lives in the central desert and is a food source for Aboriginal people.  It is 66 x 130 cm or 25 x 61 inches. Painted in acrylic on linen.  Only $2,600.00

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This is another bush foods painting. I think it looks better hung horizontally but it shows better here vertical because so much is lost shrunk in this space. It is by Marilyn Abbott titled "Bush Bananas". It is painted in acrylic on linen and is 76 x 129 or 30 x 50 inches. A lovely painting for a kitchen or family room. Only $2,800.00

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A VERY SPECIAL painting by Cassady Tjapaljarri brother of Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri of his brothers' burial site.  The various rings indicate the  importance of this man to his people and on the grave site each ring is a raised layer so this to western eyes would look like a huge cake on the ground.  It is acrylic on linen,  85 x 126 cm or 33 x 49 inches.  Only $3,700.00

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"Sand Frog Dreaming" is a painting we can all relate to because when the dry times finally end the sand frogs come out from their hibernation in the sand and sing a well know song. I am single and looking for a mate. This song means better times are coming in the desert. The painting shows the women coming together to find the singing frogs to eat. Painted by Janice Jinjula in acrylic on linen and is 94 x 135 cm or 37 x 53 inches. Only $1,900.00

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In keeping with the desert theme we have "Digging two Goannas" by Reggie Sulton. It is acrylic on linen and 65 x 103 cm or 25 x 40 inches. Goanna is a prized food in the desert and is hunted by the women using sticks to dig them from the sand and beat them to death. Reportedly they taste like chicken. Only $1,400.00

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This is a bright happy photo of Mom, Dad. the Mother-in-law the the two kids. A happy family painting by Sandra Scholes Escobar titled "Turtles" and is acrylic on linen and 60 x 90 cm or 23 x 35 inches. Only $1,000.00

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