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Australian Aboriginal Art...

Australian Aboriginal Art is a visual depiction of the life, culture and dreaming of Aboriginal people.


This is a painting by Lorraine Nuagula Stirling titled "Honey Ants". It is 95 x 119 cm or 37 x 47 inches painted in acrylic on linen. Showing the honey ant larva in the underground channels.  Only $2,600.00

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This is another bush food painting by Sara Morton Napananglia titled "Honey Ants".  The painting shows how the ants create honey pits underground.  It is 89 x 125 cm or 35 x 45 inches and is painted with acrylics on linen.    $2,300.00

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Another painting of bush food by Sara Morton Napananglia titled "Honey Ants".  It is 89 x 130 cm or 35 x 51 inches.  Painted with acrylics on linen.  It shows how they move mainly underground.  $3,100.00

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"Two cockatoos" is a busy painting with lots of life in it besides the two cockatoos (white, large birds). It was painted by Helena M Wamambi and is 87 x 110  cm or 34 x 43 inches painted in acrylic on linen.  $2,400.00

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This is a large family painting with grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, and 5 little ones.  It is called "Turtle Dreaming" and it is 122 x 146 cm or 48 x 57.5 inches, painted in acrylic on linen.  $4,600.00

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This is a painting about hunting kangaroos.  The men have gathered with their woomera or a spear thrown with a throwing stick.  They are following the kangaroo tracks.  "Kangaroo Dreaming" is by Peggy Anderson Napuirula.  It is 96 x 123 cm 37.75 x 48 inches acrylic on linen.  $ 3,100.00

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