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Welcome & Seasons Greetings

Doing business online is one of the fastest and easiest ways

to follow your dreams, passions, and make money.

We are Ellen and Michael Moriarty, we met in the Cheetah Room in Sydney Australia. There she was in a group of other women.  Me, just in from Viet Nam as a USN Seabee.  Three dates later I was gone, bought the ring, mailed it back to her, and now 53 years later she is still the one.

Working in remote Aboriginal Communities as Registered Nurses we acquired many artworks because we were known to treat the local artists fairly and that we liked and appreciated their artworks. Over almost 3 decades we worked in over 65 different communities making friends and contacts and learning about the extended family connections. When we wanted to slow down we opened an art gallery first in Darwin and then in Prague. Every painting has a story and song and many people who purchase them feel they become connected to the painting. 

We have many fantastic paintings, but do not purchase a painting simply because you have heard something about the artist. Most of the artists do not paint enough to really become famous but purchase something you like and want to see in your home or office. Many of our paintings are really beautiful and well done but then there are the cheaper tourist paintings or town paintings which are simply mementos of your visit to Australia not something your guests will want to know more about.  

For a Christmas special we will offer a $20 refund on any artwork up to $110, $50 on any painting up to $500, and  $100 refund on any artwork over $501. These refunds will be credited back to your account after you purchase, if before Christmas. We have a selection of over 300 paintings to make your selection from. The shipping cost and insurance are extra and will be quoted to you when you make your selection and provide us with a shipping delivery address. Please spend some time exploring out web site as we have spent a great deal of time providing you the customer with as much information as we can through our blog site or information on the artists themselves.

We also that other interests in helping those like us live a better life in retirement through creating their own business from home.

We are 2RN’s (2 Registered Nurses) and we love to help people on their journey to find financial freedom.  That means something different to everyone and only you know what that is.  We help everyday people discover extra income from home.  How much depends on how serious you are.  We can provide everything you may need along this journey but please take your time and check out our offer.

First a few facts:

The cost of education has gone up 6 times faster than wages.

Only 27% of graduates get jobs in their field of study.

52% of those hate the job they are in.

73% never use the education they spent $50/150k to get.

People mistakenly think standard education = standard life style, it doesn’t.

People are now finding Self Education which is a $315 million/day business can offer them exactly what they want and need to succeed in life and business. 

We want to help anyone willing to help themselves succeed.

We are offering you FREE a choice of one from six of our many courses to get you started in exchange for accepting our emails.

  • You can click on any of the course covers to find out what is in the course.  Should you want to purchase any of the other courses being offered when clicked you will get an information page and the price.  The courses we offer are mostly Business, Personal Development and Health related.

    I have also included a FREE trial to GROOVE CM   which includes 3 free websites for all those who take advantage of our offer.  This is the best all-inclusive Internet business software on the market today, should you be considering a home based business, someday.. Click Here for GROOVE CM. where clients matter.  If purchased soon, it also is a one time purchase.  We use this software and are transitioning our sites to it. 

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    Thanking you for your attention and wishing you all the best for the Holiday Season!.

    Ellen and Michael Moriarty,   Semi Retired, Remote Area, Registered Nurses





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